A small selection of audience quotes from the Buddy U.S.A. tour…
“History comes alive on stage and lets us be in the moment with (the cast)… this was fun!”

“I can’t believe how good this show was. I thought I knew the whole story and music coming in, and was shocked at how much farther the show took me into it. Great production”

“I danced in my seat the whole time”

“I just loved the way it paid tribute to the man and his career, while offering moments to laugh and rock out!”

“Michael Perrie Jr. as Buddy was incredible! It was like being at a Buddy Holly concert!”


“I’m a Dad, and the shows I usually take my kids along to don’t usually entertain us all like this one did. We were all buzzing about it after. Thanks for bringing this to Colorado Springs”

“I couldn’t believe how well these performers did it all. From the acting, singing, even playing the instruments”

It’s been a blast, with sadly only a couple of dates left of the USA tour... Until next time ;-)